We are a full service domestic adoption agency, providing a range of services to adoptive parents and to placing parents considering adoption for a child. We offer emotional support and education for all parties in an adoption situation, from beginning to end.  We also offer post-placement services and support as well.

We are currently at our maximum number of active waiting families (which is 25),  and we are excited that our waiting families are truly some of the neatest families we’ve run across.   Our current waiting adoptive families will be the first families to be considered by placing parents (expectant parents or birth parents) who choose to work with our agency to select a loving adoptive family for their children.

If you are interested in being one of our active waiting families if and when our program opens back up, we suggest that you carefully read through the information on our website as it will answer a lot of questions about how we do things, and then that you contact us to let us know of your interest.  Keep checking back, too, as we do update the content on our website regularly.    If you are interested in our program and you are Indiana family who needs a home study — as you must be home study ready to apply to be one of our families — then, please do contact us about our home study services.  Also, we do offer other supportive services as well.  Feel free to contact us for more information about any of these things!

Whether you are an adoptive parent wishing to learn more about our services, or whether you are a parent considering making an adoption plan for a child, please do contact us!

There is also additional information on this site page below that should interest you.  Thanks for visiting our site!

For Expectant Parents or Birth Parents

Pregnant? Scared? Confused? Considering Adoption for your baby or perhaps an older child? We know that you are considering a very difficult decision and we would love to provide you with information to help you determine what truly is best for your child.

Feel free to contact us for information about your options. We are immediately able to help you choose a loving adoptive family for your child, if that is what you decide is best for your child. Also, we have a toll free number just for you to use if needed; it is 1-877-894-0993.  A lot of our birth parent clients like to text, so feel free to text us at 765-702-3857 to ask us any questions or tell us about your situation.

We have some wonderful families waiting to adopt that we would love to present to you. We present our families in a non-threatening manner (no pressure). You simply view written adoption profiles with pictures and information about the families. It is our desire that if you choose to select an adoptive family for your child through Adoption Connections, that you will find that the connection you make with that family will provide you peace of mind and assurance that your child will be loved dearly for years to come. Most families are willing to meet with you or otherwise communicate with you in a way that feels “right” to you. Helping you to get to know them and them to get to know you. The bottom-line: you are able to choose the family that you connect with the most profoundly and we can help you work out an adoption plan that is mutually agreeable to everyone.

It is our desire to bring to you compassion at a difficult time in your life. We would welcome the opportunity to give you information and to direct you to appropriate resources that may be able to assist you. We can provide you emotional support each step of the way. If you choose to make an adoption plan with us, you will work closely with one of our case managers who have experience with providing emotional support to women facing difficult decisions like yours. You can trust that in her eyes you are an individual with unique needs and she will treat you with dignity and respect.

You can rest assured that your communication with our office will be handled with sensitivity and compassion, and with the utmost confidentiality.

Feel free to contact us today! Also there is additional information on the page FAQ.

For Adoptive Parents

Hoping to adopt an infant? Needing support or assistance for an adoption-related situation?

We can help adoptive families network with other adoption professionals and are able to provide educational and emotional support for families. Please contact us for more information.

In addition, we would love for you to consider joining the ranks of our waiting families; contact us to inquire about becoming a “waiting family” with Adoption Connections once our program re-opens, or to seek answers to your adoption related questions. Our application fees are reasonable, and our placement contract fees will be calculated on a sliding scale, based on your income. Our heart for adoption is founded on the sincere belief that adoption should be available as an option to all families, not just those with the highest incomes.

Need help providing educational support for adoptive families? We offer training and educational services concerning the special considerations involved in building multi-ethnic families through adoption, in adopting children with special needs, and in understanding bonding and nurturing as relates to the adopted child (just to name a few areas with which we can help).

Feel free to contact us today! Also there is additional information on the page FAQ.   You may also access our payment information page by clicking here.