We have in the past offered support groups for both Expectant / Placing Parents and for Adoptive Parents.  Currently, we do not have any active support groups.  If that changes, we will update the information here.


If you are an Expectant / Placing Parent looking for more information, feel free to contact either our Founder, adoption attorney Rebecca Bruce, by calling her office at 765-286-1776 or texting her at 765-702-3857, or Sue Brogan, Rebecca’s Expectant / Placing Parent Advocate, by calling/texting her at 765-623-8496.

Finally, if you are hoping to adopt and have already been matched with a child you hope to adopt and wish to speak with an adoption attorney, our Founder Rebecca Bruce would be happy to have you call her at her law office (Bruce&Bruce) at 765-286-1776 to arrange a free consultation about your situation.  She can also be reached by email at