We want to offer support, information, and encouragement to everyone involved in the adoption process. Therefore, we are offering support groups that hopefully will do just that.    We have two groups:  Grafted In for adoptive parents and L.I.F.E. Support for birth moms.

L.I.F.E. Support – a support group for birth moms

Sue Brogan, our lead Expectant / Placing Parent Advocate has in the past facilitated a group for birth mothers (those who have placed a child for adoption as well as those who are considering doing so).

While this group is not actively meeting at this time, we are open to meeting with any birth parent who needs some support (even a birth parent who placed a child years ago)  either one-on-one or in a group setting.  For more information, email Jessica Gors at, or give us a call at 765-288-3111.  You can also text Sue directly at 765-623-8496.

Grafted In – a support group for adoptive parents

Our support group for adoptive parents (both those who have adopted and those hoping to adopt) meets monthly as well.   To find out when the next group meeting will be and where, you can email, or give us a call.  (Also, see our Blog page or our Calendar, for more information).  Jessica Gors, our Resource Coordinator, is the facilitator of this group.

We offer these groups free of charge.


If you are an Expectant / Placing Parent looking for more information, feel free to contact either our Founder, adoption attorney Rebecca Bruce, by calling her office at 765-286-1776 or texting her at 765-702-3857, or Sue Brogan, our lead Expectant / Placing Parent Advocate, by calling/texting her at 765-623-8496.

If you are a hopeful adoptive family, please contact Jessica Gors, our Resource Coordinator. She can be reached by calling 765-288-3111, or via email at

Finally, if you are hoping to adopt and have already been matched with a child you hope to adopt and wish to speak with an adoption attorney, our Founder Rebecca Bruce would be happy to have you call her at her law office (Bruce&Bruce) at 765-286-1776 to arrange a free consultation about your situation.