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About Us

Adoption Connections is a non-profit private adoption agency. We are licensed by the State of Indiana. We are frequently adding new information, so please check back often!

We offer comprehensive domestic private adoption services, and have been providing adoption services and related assistance to adopting parents, placing parents, and children since we became licensed in March of 2010.

Our focus is on domestic (within the United States) adoptions of infants, and on educating adoptive families and other adoption professionals about important issues in adoption today, such as open adoption considerations, needs of multi-ethnic families, support for special needs children and families, and the bonding/nurturing process for adopted children.  We do have some experiences with placing older children, but this is not the norm for us.  Almost all of our successful adoptions have been infant adoptions.

We have an active waiting list of 25 families who have been prepared for adoption and many of these fine families can be seen on our “families” page.   If you are considering placing a child for adoption, please feel free to check out this page to learn more about some of our families hoping to adopt, and contact us to get more information about the adoption process.  We offer supportive services and in many instances financial assistance as well.

If you are a hopeful adoptive parent, you will be interested in knowing that we feel it is important for us as a smaller agency (though we are growing!), to keep our actively waiting family list at 25 families maximum (an “active waiting family” has applied to our program, and been accepted; also, an active waiting family is home-study ready AND ready to be shown at any time to a prospective placing parent).   We have maintained 25 active waiting families for quite some time, and our Board of Directors has closed our program.  However, we do keep a list of families interested in going “active” in the future.   At times, we may have quite a list of families who want to “go active” once spots open on our active family list.   So, while our Program is open to accepting applications for new families who hope to adopt and who are home study ready, there could be a wait before you can “go active.”   It would be best to be on this list and “home study ready.”  Not home study ready yet?  Well, if you live in Indiana, please do contact us to see if we can help you with that.  We hope you will contact us if you have additional questions.

Whether you are a placing parent considering choosing a loving adoptive family for a child, a family hoping to build your family through adoption, or an adoption professional looking for adoption related resources and support, we hope you will contact us.


We are a full service domestic adoption agency, providing a range of services to adoptive parents and to placing parents considering adoption for a child. We offer emotional support and education for all parties in an adoption situation, from beginning to end. We also offer post-placement services and support as well.

Rebecca Bruce
Executive Director / Founder
Jodi Reinke
Program Director
Sue Brogan
Case Manager
Jessica Gors
Resource Coordinator
Casi Emrick
Case Manager
Suzanne Foreman
Case Manager

Contact Us

We want to hear from you. If you would like more information about Adoption Connections, we hope you will call us at 765-288-3111 (toll free for placing parents at 877-894-0993) or email us.

(765) 288-3111 or (317) 643-4300
Toll free (877) 894-0993
108 N. Liberty St. Suite B
Muncie, Indiana 47305

Our Song

Indiana musician and proud adoptive father Scott Rudicel ("Rudi" to his friends and fans of all ages) generously "gave" his song The Best "Me" You Can Be to Adoption Connections so we could play it on our website. Click below to play this great song that epitomizes why placing parents choose adoption and why adopting parents build their families in this awesome manner. While children are all unique, we work together: Adoption Connections, placing parents, adopting parents and others; to help each individual child Be "The Best "Me" You Can Be. Thanks, Rudi!