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About Us

Adoption Connections is a non-profit adoption ministry. We are in transition right now, and are not really offering any services to adoptive parents at this time.  At this time, we are only helping women considering placing a child for adoption.    That said, we hope to update this website in 2022 to include more information about what we hope to offer soon.

Founded in 2008 by Rebecca Bruce, an adoption attorney with Bruce & Bruce, we operated as a licensed child placing agency from March of 2010 to March of 2018.   Today, we are a non-profit adoption ministry focusing on Expectant / Placing Parent advocacy and on providing supportive and educational services.    We love helping all parties to adoption make “meaningful adoption connections.”

If you are an Expectant / Placing Parent looking to make an adoption plan, Rebecca Bruce would love to give you a free consultation about what adoption planning can look like for you.   You are in the driver’s seat and should know ALL of your rights, options, and be able to select the family you feel is best for your child.   You should never have to pay legal fees for adoption planning and in many instances you can receive financial assistance from the adoptive family you select.  We can help you find the “perfect” family for you and your child.

 If you are considering placing a child for adoption, please feel free to contact us to get more information about the adoption process.  You can also call Rebecca directly at her law office number of 765-286-1776 or you can text her at 765-702-3857.  Our email address is  Rebecca Bruce’s email address is  Working with Rebecca as Advocate for Expectant / Placing Parents is Sue Brogan and you can call or text her at 765-623-8496.   Please reach out to us today if you would like more information about the adoption process in general, or for help in finding that “perfect” adoptive family for you and your child.


Adoption Connections is a non-profit adoption ministry, focusing on advocating for the Expectant Parent / Placing parent. We help birth parents get connected with an attorney of their own and provide them an Advocate to walk them through process and provide emotional support, each step of the way.  We also provide referrals to other adoption professionals.

Rebecca Bruce
Founder / President of the Board of Directors
Sue Brogan
Expectant Parent / Placing Parent Advocate

Contact Us

We want to hear from you. If you would like more information about Adoption Connections, we hope you will call us at 765-288-3111 (toll free for placing parents at 877-894-0993) or email us.

Call or text (765) 288-3111
Toll free (877) 894-0993
108 N. Liberty St. Suite B
Muncie, Indiana 47305

Our Song

Indiana musician and proud adoptive father Scott Rudicel ("Rudi" to his friends and fans of all ages) generously "gave" his song The Best "Me" You Can Be to Adoption Connections so we could play it on our website. Click below to play this great song that epitomizes why placing parents choose adoption and why adopting parents build their families in this awesome manner. While children are all unique, we work together: Adoption Connections, placing parents, adopting parents and others; to help each individual child Be "The Best "Me" You Can Be. Thanks, Rudi!