My Sacrifice – A Poem by One of Our Placing Parents

My Sacrifice

There is not a day that goes by

That I can’t shake the empty

Feeling I have inside.

I should be happy, when I see you.

I know I should not cry.

But my emotions take over me

And I cannot keep a dry eye.

Just know, what I have done

I did it all for you.

Your father was not around

What else was I to do?

I made the decision

To give you the best.

Even though by doing this,

I ripped my heart from my chest.

I sacrificed my happiness

To change so many lives.

And I keep it all to myself

So nobody hears my cries.

I cannot explain the hurt

From the pain that I feel.

I just pray in time

My heart will eventually heal.

So many things happened

There was not a lot to do.

I am so sorry.

It is like I never fought for you.

God lead me to this

I was meant to share my gift.

To make so many happy

And happiness is bliss.

When the moment finally came

Your mommy was so glad.

She even shed a tear

Because I was so sad.

I still get to see you grow

For this I am truly blessed.

I did a great job

Your mom and dad are the best.


We may have physically parted,

But in my heart you will FOREVER



I love you little girl,

Each and every day!!


Written by One of Our Placing Parents Who Wishes to Remain Anonymous