An Update from Our Founder and President

An Update from Our Founder and President

We are over halfway through 2018 now and I thought I’d take a moment to report in with a post on our website.

As you know, in March we announced we had decided not to renew our license to be a child placing agency, due to a myriad of reasons.   At the time, I was not at liberty to say that Jessica Gors, our Resource Coordinator is fighting breast cancer. But she has since publicly announced this and so I can let you know.  Please be praying for Jessica.  She’s a very good friend of mine and has a heart for Christ … and a heart for being a wife and mother.  We are praying with her that God would guide her treatment and be her great Physician, providing healing and guidance and wisdom to all.    Pray for her to continue to have strength of heart and body.

Jessica’s diagnosis was not THE reason we decided not to renew our license.  There were many reasons.  At the time, my own health was feeling threatened as well.  And our other key employees had all been undergoing challenging life transitions as well (and actually still are).

Relinquishing our license was a hard decision to make, but we felt hope that re-imagining Adoption Connections was the right way to go.

And since March?

We have had two different placing mothers choose families off our waiting list and place baby boys with families we’ve grandfathered into this list, using the services of attorneys to handle the legal aspects of the private adoptions.  All the while these birth mothers received (actually are still receiving) advocacy and emotional services and support from Adoption Connections in much the same way as we have provided in the past.

We also continue to get reports from other families for whom we conducted home studies that they are matching and adopting through other sources.

Success stories like these continue to give us hope and fuel our excitement for the future.

And Jessica is still leading Grafted In, our monthly support group for adoptive parents.   If you are interested in learning more about Grafted In, email me at  I will get you in contact with Jessica.

Thanks for your prayers for Jessica, for our other employees, for Adoption Connections, for women who courageously consider adoption as an option for their unborn (or born) children, and for the children and families who need each other.


Rebecca Bruce

(Founder / President / Attorney)