Warren and Halynka

Warren and Halynka


Thank you for considering us for adoption, truly one of the greatest blessings a person can give and receive. We can’t even begin to imagine your pathway and the decisions you are making. We pray for your strength and clarity.  We do know the decision you are making is not an easy one and is truly an act of unconditional love.

We would love to share a little about us and who we are so you can see your child would be loved and raised in a home centered on faith and love.

We are Warren and Halynka Nannini.  We married in 2013, in a small religious ceremony. Shortly after we were married we bought our first house.  We both currently work in administrative and customer service fields.  Warren and I are animal lovers and really wanted to add a pet to the family so Chubby Mae joined our family just after we moved into our home.

We enjoy spending time with family and friends, playing board games, shopping at Ikea, and cooking. We are actively involved with our church and both have leadership roles with in the youth program.

We both wanted to have children of our own and after 2 years of marriage we started fertility treatments and after another year we were left to the realization that getting pregnant just wasn’t in the cards for us.  We prayed and researched and decide our next step should be following the path to adoption.  We are grateful for the trials that brought us closer as we went through our failed infertility treatments. These trials have strengthened us and our faith. The Lord works in special ways and we look forward to the day we can be parents together with children joining our family.

We have faith that the Lord is guiding our journeys and if our paths should meet we feel we would truly be blessed.

Whatever the circumstances are, we would want you to know that you are loved, your child is and will be loved, and many prayers are sent to heaven on your behalf.

Warren and Halynka

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