Steve and Tiffany

Steve and Tiffany

Thank you for taking the time to consider us. We hope this letter and the surrounding pictures give you a glimpse into us, our lives, and the type of parents we will be.

We can’t begin to imagine what a difficult decision you’re facing. The decision to place a child for adoption is a very selfless and loving act.  If you choose us, your generosity will answer our prayers.

Before getting married, we discussed adoption and agreed that it was a loving and wonderful way to make a family. As a result, we knew that we wanted our family to be made up of biological and adoptive children.

After struggling with infertility for a couple of years, we know that it may never be possible for us to conceive a child. This news was disappointing and hard to hear, especially for Tiffany since she very much wants to experience the joys of pregnancy and of bringing a child into this world.

However, we know once we are fortunate enough to adopt a child that it won’t matter how he/she became our child. We also know that we’ll feel the same love and joy whether our child is adopted or biological. We are both anxious to become parents and are so excited for the day that we go from being a family of two to a family of three!

Please know that if you choose us, we will be loving and supportive parents. Our main goal will be to make sure that our child has a happy and successful life.

Thank you,

Steve and Tiffany


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