Josh and Deborah

Josh and Deborah

Thank you for taking the time to read about our story. We recognize that this is not an easy decision for you and we respect your strength and bravery. We pray that the Lord will give you wisdom and peace during this process.

We both were raised in big families and have wanted to grow our family for quite some time, but are unable to have children biologically. We met with multiple doctors through both of our infertility issues and cried many tears as we were given disappointing news over and over again. Through many years of this, we have grown closer together and have reached a complete sense of peace knowing that raising biological children is not our purpose. Yet the desire to expand our family and our love of children has continued to increase.

We met in 2010 through one of Deborah’s brothers, and got married in May of 2011.  We’d like to say that our time dating and early marriage was smooth sailing, but it wasn’t always easy.  In late 2010, when we first started dating, Deborah’s mother was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and passed away about a year and a half later.  Though it made life difficult the first year or two of our marriage, our relationship has grown stronger because of it.  We quickly learned how to best display our love for each other, how to communicate well, and how to depend on one another and on the Lord.

Josh is currently teaching middle school math and Deborah teaches high school math.  In addition to teaching, we love to invest in the lives of students outside of school as well.  Josh has coached 7th grade girls basketball for a few years, and we both have loved serving in the student ministry at our church as well.  We have a wonderful miniature schnauzer named Diggle who loves to keep our lives interesting.  While we have loved our marriage up to this point, we can’t deny the strong desire to grow a family.

Our extended families have grown quite large and we long to be a part of this joy and love! We yearn to grow our own individual family tree and add to our much larger extended family trees as well. We are confident that the Lord is leading us to adopt, and we are committed to supporting, encouraging, and loving your child.


Josh and Deborah Yoder