Jody and Amber

Jody and Amber

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little bit about us and considering us as adoptive parents.  We admire the strength and courage you have through this difficult decision, as well as the love you have for your child.  We cannot express the gratitude we would have for this precious gift to help fill our hearts and our lives.

We still remember the incredible amount of excitement and joy we both experienced when we decided we were ready to start our journey toward parenthood.  What we did not anticipate were the struggles we would encounter trying to achieve our dream of building a family.  It became apparent very quickly that we would struggle to conceive, so we quickly began seeing an infertility specialist.  After several failed IVF cycles, a miscarriage, and an ectopic pregnancy, the doctor told us that he was sorry, but there was nothing more he could do for us, and we would never be parents.

After many months of praying, we felt that God was calling us to adopt.  We are both extremely loving, caring, and compassionate people and want to be able to nurture and raise a child to help them have a good life full of great experiences and happy memories.  We truly feel that it is our calling to adopt and hope that we will someday have our dream of becoming parents and starting a family.

We met in the Fall of 2006 and felt instantly connected.  We were married in June of 2007 and have been very thankful for every moment of our lives together.  We love our home in the country, which is a quarter mile down the road from Amber’s parents and their farm.  Nature is truly therapy for us, so we enjoy the beautiful view we have in our home and enjoy being outdoors.  Traveling is one of our favorite things to do.  We tend to go back and forth between relaxing beach vacations and active, hiking and exploring trips.  Cooking is also a passion of ours, and we cook together every evening and look forward to a nice dinner together enjoying our favorite foods.

We also love to go on bike rides together and walk our sweet dog, Theo.  Theo is an incredibly precious and gentle dog who adores children and loves being petted by anyone willing to love on him.  We also have two cats with unique personalities who love to explore.

We will be keeping you in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult journey and hope that you find a family you feel is perfect to raise your little miracle.  The biggest blessing in our lives has always been the love of family.  We want you to know that we would love your child with all our hearts, nurture them, comfort them, protect them, and help them have a life filled with joyful moments and memorable experiences.

Jody & Amber