Darryl and Amy

Darryl and Amy

Thank you for taking the time to read about our life, and our journey to adoption. First, we want to let you know how incredibly brave and selfless you are, to give your unborn child the ultimate chance to be loved unconditionally by a family that is unable to have a child of their own.

Darryl and I met in 2005, when he started attending the church I had attended my whole life. We became friends shortly after he started attending, and sometime after a relationship formed. We dated for several years before Darryl asked me to marry him on my birthday in 2012. We were married six weeks later in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee in a small chapel with just our family and close friends in attendance. It was just as we had imagined – a perfect beginning to our love story!

We tried for several years to get pregnant, without much avail. My physician suggested that if we wanted a child that we would need to meet with a specialist, for fertility help. We were unsure what to do with that information. We didn’t know a lot about fertility, nor fostering or adoption. We became educated on adoption, though, after a couple at church adopted a child. We spoke with them, and prayed a lot, and felt that God intended us to adopt. We met with the agency and felt it was a perfect placement and exactly where our journey needed to start.

Darryl and I are surrounded by friends and family that love and support us. We both have wonderful parents, that are very present in our lives, and Darryl has a sister, which also has a family. We attend a local church and have many friends, whom we consider to be our church family. We also have friends outside of our work/church life, that we care for deeply. We consider ourselves very blessed. The Lord has provided us everything we need in life, with the exception of a child, which we know will be in His time.

As I was writing this letter, and trying to think of the most perfect words to say, I thought about a hero. Heroes are very special people in our lives, ones that give the most for the benefit of others. We consider you a hero. While you may not realize it, you are making the ultimate sacrifice. You are courageous, selfless, strong and possess an enormous amount of love. We appreciate you and will keep you in our prayers, every day of our lives. We promise to keep you at the center of your child’s life and to keep you involved, if it be your wish. No matter what you choose, please know that we will love your child unconditionally and raise them with our values – faith, a love for family and friends, to be charismatic and to take the good with the bad. Life is full of adventures and we want your child to live courageously, which will be a direct reflection of you and your decision.

Keeping you in our prayers,

Darryl & Amy