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FAQ – Placing Parents

NOTE:  As of April 2016 we have decided to expand our waiting family list.  We will maintain our list of 25 actively waiting families in much the same way as is described below, but we are now adding a second tier of families that can be actively waiting and shown whenever a birth parent client has considered families in the first tier of families but does not select one of those families.  More detailed information to come soon, so keep checking back to this page.  Thanks for your patience as we work on getting this new information added to the site. 

Welcome to the site of Adoption Connections. If you are considering adoption for a child, whether an unborn child or a child or children in your care, please be assured that we would love to help you in any way.

Whether you are just starting the process of information gathering .. or have been considering making an adoption for months or even years .. we would welcome the opportunity to correspond with you. You can email us, call us at 765-288-3111 or toll free at 1-877-894-0993, or you can even text us at 765.702.3857. We are available 24 hours a day to speak with you. Please note that if you call us and are required to leave us a message, someone should call you back within minutes of your call.

Below you will find some frequently asked questions and brief answers. We hope this will assist you in learning more about adoption as well as in determining what is truly best for you and your child or children.

Remember, the choice for your child is yours to make. If you want to contact us for more information, there is of course no obligation to make an adoption plan.


Absolutely!  We would love the opportunity to talk with you about adoption.  Pressure free.  We can sit down with you or talk with you on the phone for as long as needed to answer your questions.  You are not obligated to make an adoption plan.  If the baby is not born yet, the law in Indiana would not allow you to sign a voluntary consent to adoption until after the baby is born.  If your child is in your care now, we can move as slowly or as quickly as you need to make sure you are confident that you are making the best decision for you and for your child.

Yes, you pick the family!  You will be able to choose among many fine families.  The process is non-threatening from the get-go.

We will work with you to gather some information about you and about the type of family for which you think you are looking.  Then, you simply view the written profile presentations of carefully screened  and home study approved waiting families until you find a family (or more) that you want more information about.   To view some of our currently waiting families, please click here to go to our Profiles of Waiting Families page.

You can choose how to obtain more information also:  whether by meeting them, talking to them on the phone, emailing them – you choose what feels comfortable to you.

If you find a family that you like and want to make a plan for them to adopt your child, and they say “yes!”, then we “match” you and your child with that family and take the next steps in adoption at the appropriate time (i.e., after the baby is born, or if the child is already in your care then we move forward in a legal and mutually agreeable manner).

Placing parents do not pay for the services of Adoption Connections, no.  We do have fees that the adoptive parents pay, and to keep adoption affordable for them we offer our services on a sliding fee scale.

In some instances, adoptive parents are also willing and legally able to provide some financial assistance to placing parents for reasonable and necessary living expenses like housing, utilities and food.

Also, if you do not have medical insurance, adoptive parents can pay for your prenatal care and the costs of labor and delivery.

Roller coaster emotions are very normal for placing parents.  Between hormones and all of the feelings of anxiety, grief, loss, guilt, anger, helplessness, hopelessness — these feelings that so often plague women who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy or just overwhelming circumstances in life that make parenting a child so difficult — it is no wonder.

But to answer your question: Yes, we will help you.  Sue Brogan, our Birth Parent Support Case Manager, will be with you each step of the way helping you navigate your emotional ups and downs and put your emotions in proper perspective for you in your unique situation. You are a unique person, there is no one else like you.  She understands that.  She will provide you emotional support as you need it.  She may meet with you or talk with you on the phone very frequently or … just regularly.  She has a lot of experience helping women navigate pregnancy, adoption, post-pregnancy, and related issues.

What a good question!  As it turns out, we can help with this!  We have a birth mother who placed a child for adoption in 2010 on our staff.  Julie Wegener is our Birth Parent Liaison and she would be honored to talk with you, text with you, or meet with you.   Just call us at 765-288-3111 or email our Executive Director Rebecca Bruce at rbruce@adoption-connections.com to request to be connected with Julie.   If you prefer to text, you can text us at 765-702-3857.

In addition, we have a support group for birth mothers called “Life Support” which meets monthly.  Julie Wegener, our Birth Parent Liaison (and a birth parent herself) and our Birth Parent Support Case Manager Sue Brogan both lead that group.  For more information contact us, or view our Blog page or Calendar for more information.   Finally, one of our clients who made an adoption plan for a baby girl in 2015 has written a poem called “My Sacrifice” and has given us permission to share it here.

Note:  Indiana has some laws that make it illegal for adoption facilitators (i.e., any person or organization that is not licensed to offer adoption services) to offer you adoption services.  In fact, effective July 1st, 2010, only Indiana adoption attorneys and Indiana adoption agencies can lawfully offer Indiana placing parents adoption services.  This is for everyone’s protection and we hope that if you do decide to look into making an adoption plan, you will contact us and allow us the privilege of working with you. 


Contact Us

We want to hear from you. If you would like more information about Adoption Connections, we hope you will call us at 765-288-3111 (toll free for placing parents at 877-894-0993) or email us.

(765) 288-3111 or (317) 643-4300
Toll free (877) 894-0993
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Our Song

Indiana musician and proud adoptive father Scott Rudicel ("Rudi" to his friends and fans of all ages) generously "gave" his song The Best "Me" You Can Be to Adoption Connections so we could play it on our website. Click below to play this great song that epitomizes why placing parents choose adoption and why adopting parents build their families in this awesome manner. While children are all unique, we work together: Adoption Connections, placing parents, adopting parents and others; to help each individual child Be "The Best "Me" You Can Be. Thanks, Rudi!