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FAQ – Adopting Parents

Welcome!  Adopting a child is exciting and wondrous, but the process can be rather intimidating (even scary at times). It is our goal at Adoption Connections to take the intimidation out of the process.  While sometimes the wait is difficult often cannot be avoided, we want to make the process as pleasant and family-friendly as possible.

We want the adoption process to be affordable.  That is why we have structured our fees in the manner we have structured them.  First, there is a $500 nonrefundable application fee, which we will ask you to pay if your application is accepted (so there is no need to pay the application fee when you submit your application).   Please note that we do not accept applications for consideration until you have an approved home study prepared by a licensed child placing agency.  As we can do home studies for Indiana families, please contact us about our home study services to see if we can help you.  If you already have a home study, you will need to submit it with your application (you can download it here, by clicking on Adoptive Parent Application.current).  If appropriate, we will utilize your current study.  In either case, once you are home study approved, and then once your application is approved and there is a spot available on our active waiting family list (right now our program is “closed”), we will notify you and ask you to pay the one-time application fee.   Then, you can enter the ranks of our active “waiting families” eligible to be considered by placing parents that request our services as well.  [Note:  our Board of Directors has closed our program as we have had a full roster of active waiting families for a while; however, they continue to review this regularly throughout the  year so please do feel free to contact us to get more information.]

You do not sign an agency contract with us until you are matched with a child (whether born or unborn).  The contract fee will be based on your income as reported to the IRS for the most recent tax  year. The fee is 10% of adjusted gross income, with a minimum of $7,500 (for those who make less than $75,000) and a maximum of $15,000 (for those who make more than $150,000).

If you have questions about what types of payment we accept, click here.

We attempt to answer a few questions below as well.  Do contact us if you have other questions!


A home study is a comprehensive background and investigation check done by a licensed child placing agency within your state of residence.

A home study includes the gathering of social and medical information about you and everyone in your immediate household. It includes home visits by a social worker, as well as criminal background and child protection checks (on local, state, and federal levels). You will need to provide references and a lot of information. Once the ‘study” is complete, the agency will write a report that will hopefuly conclude with a recommendation that you be permitted to adopt a child

Our placing parents will only view families that have gone through this process and received a favorable recommendation because: (1) the law in Indiana and in most states require a home study with a positive recommendation before a child can be placed in an adoptive home; (2) placing parents deserve to know that the adoptive family they have lovingly and selflessly picked for their child have been carefully screened; and last but definitely not least (3) the child’s best interests require such a careful and thorough screening.

Yes. We are licensed by the State of Indiana and we can work with Indiana adoptive parents. We do not always have openings on our waiting family list, though, given that we are very intentional to keep our waiting family list reasonably sized in relation to the number of birth parents with whom we are / have been working. [Note:  our Board of Directors has closed our program as we have had a full roster of active waiting families for a while; however, they continue to review this regularly throughout the  year so please do feel free to contact us to get more information.]

Probably. Please feel free to to inquire, letting us know which State you reside in, and whether or not you are home study ready at this time. There are some some States that have laws that may keep us from being able to work with adopting parents who reside there. Also, from time to time, we close out our waiting family list in order to avoid having too many waiting families. [Note:  our Board of Directors has closed our program as we have had a full roster of active waiting families for a while; however, they continue to review this regularly throughout the  year so please do feel free to contact us to get more information.]

Yes, though all adoptive families should be aware that the more “stipulations” you have for a child, the longer the wait can be.

Good question! We have been licensed since March of 2010, and during that time period, it has been our general observation, both within our agency AND within the domestic adoption realm that adoptive families on average wait anywhere from 6 months to 2 years after their home study is complete to be successfully matched with a child.

We do encourage all of our waiting families to network with other agencies or adoption attorneys in order to gain maximum exposure to placing parents considering adoption. As we cannot claim to work with hundreds of placing parents each year (obviously), we cannot guarantee you that a placing parent will select your family within a set amount of time.

A profile is your way of presenting yourself to a placing parent. Placing parents select adoptive families by first looking at written presentation materials that you prepare about you: the profile will contain pictures and information about you and your family. It is important that these be well thought out, as first impressions are everything and a picture is worth a thousand words! You will need to make multiple copies of your profile book that we can keep in the office to present to placing parents we meet with in person.

To see other families’ profiles, you can click here to go to Profiles of Waiting Families page. Please note that we will only post your profile book (either as an uploaded pdf or as a link to your online profile book) on our site if you give us permission to do so; it is not required.

In such a scenario, the fee we would charge is negotiable. Please contact us to discuss your situation so we can work with you to determine a reasonable fee for the services you will need.

Yes, we accept payment by credit card.  Simply click here to go to a secure online payment page.   We also accept personal checks, or even cash, if you are meeting with us in person.

For all of your other questions, please feel free to contact us!

Contact Us

We want to hear from you. If you would like more information about Adoption Connections, we hope you will call us at 765-288-3111 (toll free for placing parents at 877-894-0993) or email us.

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Our Song

Indiana musician and proud adoptive father Scott Rudicel ("Rudi" to his friends and fans of all ages) generously "gave" his song The Best "Me" You Can Be to Adoption Connections so we could play it on our website. Click below to play this great song that epitomizes why placing parents choose adoption and why adopting parents build their families in this awesome manner. While children are all unique, we work together: Adoption Connections, placing parents, adopting parents and others; to help each individual child Be "The Best "Me" You Can Be. Thanks, Rudi!